Talent Strategy

JYing technology Co.,Ltd on the HR concept of joint growth for both enterprise and employees to create a homeland of hearts and chips. In the near future, our HR strategy shall be implemented in the following measures: 

1. Establish a talent pool to ensure employees are capable to fulfill their tasks. 

2. Help employees to set up their professional career plan.
3. The company not only focuses on employees’ performance, but also the improvement of their capabilities. The company examines performance of employee by his/her achievement. In the meantime, the company offers various supports for the improvement of personal capabilities, including company training and supports for personal effort to improve his/her capabilities. 

4. Parallel with the attention to personal performance, the company continuously surveys employee engagement and discover demands of employees. Improvement activities will be carried out accordingly to create harmonic relationship with employees and build a homeland of hearts and chips.
5. The company provides two routes for personal development – technical sequence and managerial sequence. Technical sequence is designed for those employees whose characteristics and interests are suitable for training them to become experts in specific fields. Managerial sequence is designed to foster employees with management capability based on evaluation of their personal idiosyncrasy, and transfer them into management roles.