Technical Capacity

Item Mass batch processing capability Small batch processing capability
Layer  1-32 1-36
Type of the board material FR-4, high-TG , aluminum base, Rogers,IsolaNelcoArlon etc.,  PTFEPPO PPE ,
Rogers,etc E-65ect
Compound pressed board Max) 10 layers 16 layers(FR-4 + Rogers)
Maximum Size 400mm X 700mm 500mm X 1000mm
Outline Size Tolerance ±0.13mm ±0.10mm
V-CUT Deepness Tolerance                     (V-CUT) +/- 0.15 mm  (V-CUT) +/- 0.1 mm
Board Thickness Range 0.1mm--6.0mm 0.1--8.0mm
Board Thickness Tolerance( t≥0.8mm) ±8% ±5%
Board Thickness Tolerance (t0.8mm) ±10% ±8%
Medium Thickness(Min) 0.065mm(RCC) 0.05mm
Minimum Line Width 0.050mm2mil 0.038mm(1.5mil)
Minimum Line Distance 0.050mm2mil 0.038mm(1.5mil)
Line Margin 0.2 mmCNC 0.30 mm (punch)0.50 mm (V-CUT)
Outer layer copper thickness 9um--140um 9um--210um
Inner layer copper thickness 9um--140um 9um--210um
Drill hole size (mechanical hole) 0.20mm--6.00mm 0.15mm--6.00mm
Finish Hole size (mechanical hole) 0.10mm--6.00mm 0.05mm--6.0mm
Hole size tolerance (mechanical hole) +/- 0.076 mm (normal hole) +/- 0.05 mm (fit-press hole) +0.1/-0.05 mm (punch hole)
Hole position deviation (mechanical hole) +/-0.075mm: (drill hole) : +/- 0.10 mm (punch hole) 0.050mm
Laser hole size 0.10mm (1+n+1;2+n+2) 0.075mm
Aspect Ratio 10:1 (drill hole size>0.2mm) 12:1(drill hole size>0.25mm)
Solder mask type sensitive green, yellow, black, MATT, blue, red ink,and peelable blue glue.
Minimum width of solder mask bridge 0.10mm 0.075mm
Minimum size of solder mask separation ring 0.05mm 0.025mm
Soldermask oil? plug hole diameter 0.25mm--0.60mm 0.25mm-0.70mm
Impedance tolerance ±10% (impedance>50ohm);±5ohm(impedance<50ohm) ±5% (impedance>50ohm)
Surface processing type HAL, plating nickel gold(soft gold/flash gold), thick & hard gold, chemical nickel gold,immersion tin,lead-free H.A.S.L, Entek,gold-finger,and selective surface processing.