Multilayer Rigid - flexible Board
Category: Rigid-flexible  Publish Time: 2015-11-26 00:00 

Multilayer Rigid - flexible Board


Layers:    18L (4R+10F+4R)

Thicknes:    2.1±0.02mm

Size:    287.88*421.05mm

Min. Distance Between Line and Width:    0.2mm/0.2m

Min. Buried Via/PAD:    0.4mm/1.0mm

Min. Distance from Via to Line:    0.3mm

Thickness:  Surface Copper≥35um; Min. Hole Copper:  30um;  Average: 35um

Impedance:    50±10%

Surface Treatment:  ENIG


ARLON PI Material Special Control during Lamination

Impedance Control

Mechanical Depth Routing Control

Protecting Adhesive Covering Connection Conner between Flex and Rigid Tech

Laser Depth Cutting Control


Mother Board of Aerial Tanker Control System